::: This is not a website :::

There are so many more things I would rather be doing than self-promotion. I have survived not having a web page or business card for the last 8 10 15 years, so I think I'll stick with strategy for a while longer.

If you're looking for something email me.

If I run out of more interesting things to do I'll update this.
(don't hold your breath)


[Edit Nov 2011] +8  

Still too many interesting things to do; In the meantime follow the link to images and words from my latest work; "Seated Figure ?"

If you really want to find some older work, you could try hunting through my Art School Blog. You may find post like Stairs (texture of movement) some early Kinect Tests or even a few old Trees (be sure to click the tree - needs flash)

Maybe the new year will see a "website" here again (html5 has some interesting possibilities) - hopefully I'll still be too busy...


[Edit May 2016] +15  

Sooo... this URL has been listed on a site that will actually find visitors. That made me come and look at what was actually here. Wow 5 more years without an update (so much time saved). Lifes been good with just the odd "Glitch" to keep me guessing. Still having too much fun to do a real update. Try me in another few years.