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Matt Daniels - Bio

Matt is a digital artist and creative technologist. He works freelance, predominantly on arts based projects. He has a passion for new technologies specificity how it will influence art and what new art form will arise from it. I fascinated by the influence of computer games, the level of engagement people have with them and how these technologies and processes can be used for communicating ideas out side of the traditional gaming genres.

Matts major clients include Roar Film, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Blue Rocket Productions and Kickstart Arts. Matt enjoys melding art and technology and has applied this in anything from creating digital graphics and effects to digital puppetry, animation, games, touch sensors and motion based interfaces. Matt has worked as system designer and content creator for film, theatre projects and art performances and installations. He is happy using software or writing custom code and has been known to wield a soldering iron; what ever it takes to realise the his visions or that of his collaborators. Matt is a great communicator and has much to offer throughout an entire production from concept development to production and performance.

Matt studied E-media at the UTAS school of Art and has a bachelor of computing (games).